Coming back to work + 30 days of J-pop meme: Day 9

Hi all!! I'm doing a "combined" post.
1st of all I'm back to the state where I'm doing my residency. I had a wonderful 2 free weeks at home where I went out with my parents, played xbox with my brother and obviously, stayed long time at my beloved PC full of fandom.


WAKE UP!!!~~~

Now the dream is over and I just came back to go on with my residency on pediatrics. I really was kinda depressed because I didn't want to come back... It's like "OMG I wanna stay home, have some time for me, would like to work as a general medicine physician and play lots of xbox and PC!!" But well, had to think about my friends who are on their 2nd year of their residencies, and my friends who entered this year along with me, and my friends who are retrying the exam for the 3rd or 4th time in order to enter. So I don't have anything but stay strong and go on.

Doing a residency is really hard, because I have to stay at hospital every other day, study a lot, take responsibility on the interns... that's why I only come back home wanting to sleep a lot, and that's the main reason I wasn't been able to post here, get stuff and share it.

And well... from now on I'll try and have some time for myself and I'll go on with this :D
Soooooo here comes the day 9!!!

Day 9: Your favorite J-Pop performance
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30 days of J-pop meme: Day 8

OK here I come with a big favourite of mine:

Day 8: A J-Pop song you know all the words to:
Shizuka Kudo - Gekijou

This was like "love at first hearing" XD
I fell in love with it completely since I listened to it, in the "MY PRECIOUS - Shizuka sings songs of Miyuki-" Which is, as it says, a Miyuki Nakajima cover album (includes Shizuka's version of Sorafune!), and as Miyuki has composed lots of songs for Shizuka, some "Shizuka-original" songs were included in the album, like this song.
idk if it's the music, the lyrics, the harmony... it bewitched me completely, so this is also one of those songs I MUST LISTEN TO EVERYDAY ♥ and because of that, I learned the lyrics quickly XD and I sang this at the karaoke in Japan (^^ );A
I promise I'll share the single with ya all ♥
Please enjoy this song *0*

30 days of J-pop meme: Day 7

Well let's continue with the challenge.
I promise I'll post something different soon instead of only doing this madness lol

Day 7: A J-Pop song that makes you cry
Miho Nakayama - You're my only shinin' star

You might gonna say "wow finally a different artist " XD
There are other emotional songs I like a lot, but this one, believe me, once made me shear a tear D:
Normally I'm your usual cold-hearted guy who doesn't believe in love, but this song is so beautiful for me, which misteriously had some effect on me heh heh

This is a very beautiful song, with awesome lyrics. My favourite part is the one that says:
"You're my only shinin' star, surely until now, please forgive me for causing you trouble. You're the most important thing, and forever at your side I will be, I love you." 
(it's the chorus XD)

Please listen to it and tell me what you think :D

30 days of J-pop meme: Day 5

Day 5: Your favorite J-Pop song from your favorite guy group

Looks like things started becoming hard for meeeeee
It's like you know, I love a lot of TOKIO songs but choosing a favorite one is really difficult!!
But well I choose:
TOKIO - advance

This song is so catchy and it started growing up on me until now it's like I have to listen to it everyday XD
Namie Amuro

30 days of J-pop meme: Day 4

Day 4 and the chosen one is:
Day 4: Your ultimate J-Pop girl bias
Namie Amuro

Well guess what? Not all my life is Matchy and TOKIO XD Namie also occupies a singular place in my heart as one of my favourite singers, she's stylish and very popular. She's pretty, she also has become an fashion icon in Japan. Her life is full with ups and downs but she has prevailed and she has worked really hard to become what she is: one of the queens of japanese music. Although she was not the first j-pop artist which I listened to, when I listened to her, she quickly captivated me with her powerful vocals. Love you Namie!!! *0*

This is the song which charmed me: Wishing on the same star
I had already listened to some of her songs by then, like "GIRL TALK" but this one was like OMG SHE DOES SING!! ♥
And I'm pretty sure this video is from Kouhaku *0*